Author Update: Seven-Sided Spy: The Audiobook

picture of seven-sided spy along with headphones on red velvet back drop
The Hunt for a Narrator is On! 

A year ago I wrote: 

As I sit here today, watching reviews pour in on goodreads, I am overwhelmed with one thought and one thought alone. I can’t believe we made it.

With this past week marking one year since the release of Seven-Sided Spy, it blows my mind how true that last statement ended up being. 2018 somehow managed to simultaneously be one of the best years of my life and one of the worst. I met some of the most amazing people last year. The writing community housed both at Nine Star Press and in my local community constantly inspires. Here’s hoping to lots of fun writing adventures in 2019. 

That said, I’m excited to share that Seven-Sided Spy: The Audiobook is currently in progress. At this stage, we’re holding auditions and looking for the perfect narrator to bring the story to life. If you happen to be in the voice acting business, you can check out information on auditions online. If you’re just an audiobook appreciator, stay tuned. I’ll be keeping you posted as we work our way from 

Thanks for reading.






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