Author Update: Life Transitions

STEM Read .jpg
Coming to You Live From Somewhere Different Than Before! 

What an absolute whirlwind of a month it’s been. Since Take Your Medicine’s release two weeks ago so much has changed.

For the past two and a half years I have had the privilege of working for Northern Illinois University’s STEM Read. At STEM Read, they bring science fiction to life with day-long field trips based around popular books (i.e. Quarantine, Feed, I Survived.) The things I could say about the program are endless. They make everything from nothing and have impacted so many lives. Including my own.

When I first came to STEM Read I was a very nervous sophomore in college. I still remember leaving my interview sweating through my shirt. I also remember going home and agonizing over whether I’d get the job. As fate would have it, I did. Thanks to this program I have learned how to better present myself not just as an author, but as a professional. In my years at school, I feel I learned more from my job than my classes. I am forever in-debt to this ground-breaking program. But, it’s time for change.

I hadn’t planned on it, but an opportunity I couldn’t pass up presented itself. As of March 20, I’ll be working in a new position with Sourcebooks. I am incredibly eager to get started, but will likely document everything in a later post when I have more to say than just I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S HAPPENING! I’M SO EXCITED!!! 

If you’re in the edtech or education space you should check STEM Read (and their podcast) out. They offer tons of free lesson plans and awesome events for both students and educators. Their work is passionate, fresh, and everywhere they go they collect a loyal following. Director Gillian King-Cargile isn’t just an amazing mentor, but a good friend and writer to watch out for. Her work is spooky, sinful, and everything I’ve always wanted to read. You can follow her on twitter at @gkingcargile. Kristin Brynteson is another great friend I made while working with the program and if there’s one thing she’s taught me it’s to be proud of your geeky self. She’s an education aficionado and runs a fun and resourceful blog called Hot Pink Tech.

As you can imagine, with everything going on I’ll be busy over these next few months, but I’ll be sure to keep my events page up-to-date and post any fun news on my social media channels.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but I’m so excited to see what comes next.


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