Author Update: The Blind Hour Podcast


In which we talk about everyone’s favorite dirty word: Disability 

So, I’m slightly late to the draw. As of yesterday, my episode of The Blind Hour Podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure. That said, I still wanted to do a blog post and talk a bit about what the podcast recording process was like and just about disability in general.

Let’s be real, I talk about disability a lot. It’s easy to refer to it as my “platform,” but honestly it’s way more than that. Disability is a giant part of my life. Everyday I make choices dependent on “will this make me sick?” what I eat, where I jog, who I hang out with, even what kind of pants I wear can make or break a day (looking at you skinny jeans). With that said, this means that disability talk gets really real, as in pelvic-floor-therapy real as in three-colonoscopies-in-a-year real, so when I got talking about things with the gents over at the Blind Hour podcast, it got really personal fast.

Initially after recording, I was anxious I had gone too far, but now that it’s out, now that I’m able to listen to it all the way through. I’m proud of what I said, even if at times it was brutally honest. Illness and disability are a part of my life, are a part of my writing, are a part of me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got tons more to offer than my bad colon, but it’s dishonest if I say that my disability did not help me define who I am. I am molded by my illness, but I am not just my illness.

But, enough about that, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of more blog posts for diversity dialogues. I want to talk about how flippin’ awesome it was to be a guest on Blind Hour.
First things first, Max and John are *awesome* super down to Earth, super funny, and super insightful. Second, it’s so crazy to listen once it’s all said and done. I may hate the sound of my own voice, but hot damn, I couldn’t stop listening once the intro bass line started going. It was a pleasure to be on and I hope I get the chance to do more things like this, meet new people, talk about disability, normalize illness, and just have all around great conversation.

Like I said before, the podcast is up and ready when you are. I’d say it’s definitely worth a listen.


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